Marcus Brincat

Web Development

Marcus Brincat

Web Development

About Me

My name is Marcus Brincat and I am a Web Developer from the Gold Coast, Australia. I have strong understanding of HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, JQuery, Wordpress. I am experienced with many CSS Frameworks including 'Bootstrap' , 'Foundation' and I have also developed my own Responsive CSS Framework 'MyCSS Colours'.

I have a sound knowledge of Node.js using the Express framework, MongoDB,, EJS templating and deploying to Heroku. I also have some experience with procedural PHP and a strong understanding of sql databases. I'm familiar with Sass, Emmit, Github and the front end framework Vue 2.

If you have any Job opportunities or you are in need of a freelance web developer please feel free to contact me at ''


chat app

Yelp Camp

Node.js project using Express, MongoDB and Ejs


Chat App

Simple Chat Room App with using Node.js and


Quick Build Page

Simple PHP Project that allows you to build and customise your own blogging page / site.

super 8 drawing

Joey Bailey Photography and Videography

Wordpress Site with a custom wordpress theme specially designed for the clients needs and future needs, using the underscores starter theme.

Portfolio Page

MyCSS Colours Framework

A CSS Framework I have developed. MyCSS Colours is a dynamic css framework that lets you choose your own colours, and elements.

chefs cooking

@Kai Resturant Nozawa Onsen

Wordpress Site, using genisis theme by studiopress for @Kai Resturant in Nozawa Onsen.

The Rose Canteen

The Rose Canteen Nozawa Onsen

Wordpress Site, using genisis theme by studiopress for The Rose Canteen in Nozawa Onsen.


Intolec Electrical

Intolec electrical webpage Using HTML, CSS and JS


Marcus Brincat Photography

A Portfolio peice displaying some photography I have taken in my travels through Asia. Using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Jquery


Chalk St Espresso

A Random Coffee Shop. Full of Fun Coffee Ipsum and Playful CSS and Javascript

David Attenborough Tribute Page

David Attenborough Tribute Page

A tribute Page for David Attenborough developed for my free code camp course. Describes breifly David Attenboroughs life and Work.


CSS Eye Animation

Fun little Project on CodePen using CSS Keyframe Animations and a touch of Javascript


Javascript Calculator

A Basic Javascript Calculator made for free code camp.


Promodoros Clock

A Promodoro Clock, made for free code camp using basic HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Wikipedia Api

Using the Wiki Api to create an app that will search for articles related to your query

Contact Me

If Your Interested In Contacting Me

Phone : 0467037554

Email :